Open Syllabus 2.0 | Co-assignment Galaxy

A zoomable, searchable visualization of the top ~160k works in the Open Syllabus dataset (everything with 20+ assignments). Using each syllabus as a grouping mechanism that indicates a relationship between the readings assigned for the course, we build a weighted citation graph that captures the number of times that each pair of works appear together in a course. The graph is then embedded with node2vec (128d), PCA’ed down to 50d, and then projected to 2d with UMAP, which gives the final layout shown here. The 30,000 most-assigned texts are loaded in bulk into the client and rendered via WebGL with Pixi.js; and, as the viewport zooms down to higher levels of magnification, more data is dynamically queried via Elasticsearch geo queries. Covered in Fast Company, EdSurge, Open Culture, and Boing Boing; cited in The Washington Post.

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