Project Gemini over Baja California

An interactive edition of two photographs of the southern tip of Baja California taken from aboard the Gemini 5 and 11 missions in the 1960s, plastered on top of modern satellite imagery of the same location. I was really interested in the difference in perspective between the two sets of imagery – the oblique, angled, historically-situated perspective in the Gemini shots vs. the flat-on, depthless, and (seemingly) timeless view from the satellite. To play with this, I sketched in a huge “ruler” that measures out the distance between the camera and the city of La Paz in the distance, and used the “Perspective Grid” tool in Illustrator to render a second version of the shape as if it had been floating in front of the lens in 1965. Then, I used Neatline’s SVG-import workflow to convert the Illustrator documents into spatial coordinates and position them on the map.

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